Liar, Liar

“The only thing that ever got me into trouble was the truth.”

Wednesday Q&A

This week’s question is another one I get with some regularity. Hope it helps.

Lies I’ve Told You

“Seconds after my son was born I promised I would never lie to him. Seconds after that I realized I already had. Here are some highlights …”

Unlawful Entry

“I broke into a house today …”


“The Vegas shooter was very possibly a sociopath. And I promise you, he’s not alone.”


A quick status update …


“The Charleston shooter wanted so badly to belong that he stood up in court and declared to the world that he was a sociopath. I just wish he’d done it sooner.”

Confessional: The Dragon & The Litter Bug

“Without so much as a glance, I dumped the contents through the sunroof and into her car…”

Confessional: Lies

“The dark side of myself wants out and it’s getting more difficult to keep her in..”